Big News

Big News!

Square Form has a new website. Please visit it at

Additionally, Square Form is officially packing up and moving operations to Washington D.C.

We will be open for business in D.C. in late May.

Custom Fir Bookcase


Today I delivered this custom bookcase to a client.

It is made from 3/4″ A1 CVG Fir ply and 4/4″ CVG hem fir. At 6′(w) x 4′(h) x 16″(d) this case is just huge!

I am really pleased with the bookcase, but the pictures didn’t turn out so well (I noticed in the side shot there is some drywall dust from the rather hard task of getting it in the office building).


Modern Fir bookcase

The size of the case allows it to be used as a room divider

oops! A little bit of drywall dust on the side there.



The Director Desk

The Director Desk

The Director Desk:

Today I delivered my latest commission. The piece is a custom bamboo and steel computer desk. It has a full extension 20″(d) drawer, an adjustable shelf on the back, and a soft close cabinet that holds the clients computer terminal, router, etc..  This was a hard commission to deliver, as I really want it for myself!

More photos here

and here (but not as much)

Custom steel pulls on the drawer face & cabinet door


Steel Planter/Bookshelf


I designed this bookshelf/planter as a possible option for a client. I designed a different design that will suit the clients needs better, but I still want to build this one. How about it, anyone out there want one?

Steel planter mounted on top of CVG Fir shelving

Attending the Lie-Nielson hand tool event in Portland

Lie-Nielson Bench Planes

This weekend I attended the Lie-Nielson hand tool event at the Northwest Woodworking Studio. It was quite amazing to see all of the offerings from Lie-Nielson in one place. Bridge City Tool Works were there as well with tools that I didn’t even know existed! The most amazing tools I saw (in my opinion) were from Bridge City. The first was the CT-17 Dual Angle Block Plane.

The CT-17


The CT-17 is a stainless steel block plane that may be the finest looking plane I have ever seen. At $859. I will sadly have to pass on this one. I think my money would be better spent on the JM SW Joint Maker from Bridge City.

JM SW Joint Maker


The JM SW Joint Maker was demonstrated for me during the event and the cuts came out so clean that any finishing work seems optional. The tool is basically just a Japanese saw mounted stationary and a table that slides over it to which the work piece is mounted. Clean cuts, no dust, no earplugs. Such a neat tool!

Demonstrations at the event

Blue Spruce Tools

Blue Spruce Toolworks were there as well. These Chisels are just beautiful.
The one tool that I am sure I will be buying after this show is from Glen-Drake. They make such a nice Marking Gauge. At $99. for the longer model, it seems well worth it for such a nice tool.

Glen-Drake Marking Gauge

Another Blog writes About the Weigel Bench

The Weigel Bench has been getting a lot of attention recently. It has been on several design blogs in the last few weeks. Today it found its way onto Shoebox Dwelling.

I ‘m off to the lumber yard to get some prices to field the quote requests that I have been getting from interested blog readers!

Lending a hand to Joe Wills

I have been traveling to Washington D.C. a lot recently and working with Joe Wills (head of Square Forms Metal department) . Joe and I have been working together for ten years. He taught me much of what I know in the way of fabrication, and taught me how to weld. Together we built Comet Pizza and Ping Pong. Comet is an all steel restaurant in the district. You can see pictures here. Recently Joe has been doing a fair amount of work for Darryl Carter. Most recently Joe built some really exciting steel elements for a private residence that Darryl designed. I was really happy to lend a hand to Joe on this project and only wish I was able to stay longer and do more. Here are some pictures.


Custom Steel Barn Door Hardware

Steel barn doors with panels of steel cast in gypsum cement

The worlds heaviest coffee table

Decretive skylight made of steel, LEDs, and 3Form. AKA a really heavy installation


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