Wood Works

The Following images represent the style and craftsmanship that Square Form brings to our wood projects.

These are just a few of the varied wood projects that Square Form has completed in the last several years.

Scott Cummings heads the wood design and fabrication side of Square Form. Scott started  woodworking as a child and has been making custom pieces professionally for over a decade.

The following are some recently completed works:

The Director Desk

The Director Desk:

More images available here

This is a modern computer desk made from Steel & Bamboo.

Modern Bamboo Table

The Annex Table:

More images available  here

This modern kitchen table is made from Bamboo & Steel. Oh, and its on wheels!

The Weigel Bench:

More images available here

This Modern Bench is made from western walnut, maple and steel.

cremation urns

Cremation Urns:

More Images and Various Style here

My urns just got a write up on The Modern Mourner!

One Comment on “Wood Works”

  1. [...] those areas would be a blessing for any interior. Meet the Weigel Bench, a recent creation from Square Form, originally made as a shoe rack for the entryway of the client’s home. The understated [...]

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